Waiting for Some Summer Day to Arrive?


Are you waiting for someday? When school is out, when the house is organized, when your task list is completed, then you will go outside with the kids or read with them in your lap, or stop and make eye contact and really listen to their stories. Some day is right now. Slow down and […]

Art Mural: An All Ages Art Project

AprilMay 2015 Dad Mudpie Nana bday 226

By Rebecca Lemar Every Mother’s Day I like to bring a collaborative art project to grandmas. Well, sometimes it is a week or a month behind. Ok! Once a year I like to do a collaborative art project with the whole extended family, sometimes around Mother’s Day, sometimes not. I always love the journey to […]

10 Backyard Adventures for Summertime Fun!

Girl running through sprinkler

It’s a bad caterpillar year here in the Northwest. The little crawly beasts are everywhere and drop from trees, eat the roses, and munch on tender shoots growing in the garden, but that’s my perspective. Five-year-old Finn and little sister Poppie have spent long afternoons creating cardboard box condos for the critters, replete with leaf […]

Get Your Child to Sleep Through the Night Tonight!


by Jenna Hall Our 18-month-old recently started what we have affectionately dubbed ‘the midnight scream’. Every night around midnight, she wakes and screams for us to come soothe her back to sleep. With a newborn in the house waking us up every three hours, this nocturnal howl was stealing what little sleep we got. We […]

10 Great Gift Ideas for Toddlers


by Rebecca Lemar Here are 10 fabulous gifts for kids that will spark creativity and curiosity! 1. Magnetic building tiles or toys (Magnatiles, Magformers) 2. Bike accessories (horn, bell, pom pons) 3. Picture of you and your child 4. Your child’s own CD player 5. Storytelling CDs for quiet time and bedtime 6.Wedgits  This toy […]

Toddler Birthday Party Ideas and Inspiration


by Rebecca Lemar When my son turned three we invited five friends over for some outside fun– Easy peasy, I thought, but he ignored all his little buddies, got naked and cried most of the time because he wanted to eat the whole cake alone. It was a huge message to me. Toddlers are still […]

How to Get Rid of Monsters


There was a ghost living under the bed of our four-year-old son. It was so ugly he had no words to describe it. It slipped into corners watching, waiting and when it saw him the ghost laughed. No one could see it but our son, this made the ghost laugh more. It was a monster. […]

Upsetting the iPod Apple Cart


By Amanda Sheehan I have hidden my children’s iPod. For good. Last weekend I snatched it away from them and hid it in the back of our linen closet. It’s under the towels and far enough away that little hands and arms won’t be able to reach it. I did this amidst much screaming and […]

60 Second Science: Inflate a Balloon with Vinegar and Baking Soda


By Rebecca Lemar Introducing science to children feeds wonder. The hands-on experiment may seem like magic to a young child, but it will ignite curiosity in ways that a text book cannot.   Science can after all, explain rainbows and how the apple falls from the tree. It is questions about science that led ordinary […]

Children and Magic


By Rebecca Lemar In 1982 in the Midwest, the Wizard of Oz was playing on the radio. I was five years old: Fists on cheeks, belly on the floor and staring into the speaker like words floated midair, puffy as clouds. The voices and drama coming through the tall black speakers enchanted me, and tingled […]

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