Mama Says on Terrible Twos: “My Child Won’t Share!”

Dear Mama:  I’ve got a delightful, energetic, bright, and fun little girl who isn’t a bit shy. Usually I take great pride in this personality trait, as I’m no shrinking violet myself. The challenge comes when my daughter has any sort of confrontation over toys. Regardless of whether she’s wanting another child’s toys, or whether […]

Become a Citizen Scientist! The Great Backyard Bird Count

I first ran across of the concept of Citizen Science when I was recycle-printing on the back of my daughter’s college research paper. I flipped the paper over, the words caught my eye and I lowered myself to the chair to read about the importance of every day people contributing scientific data from their own […]

3 Reasons Why I Love You: A Valentine Under the Pillow

If nothing else Valentine’s Day is a nudge in the love department. It reminds us to give a Valentine to every single person in the class, because to be left out hurts. It is a day to say the words I love you and decorate the meaning with hearts and chocolate. Technology takes a back […]

Super Simple Valentine Heart

  By Paula Solis Krock Here is a one minute video  I made on how to make a charming valentine with your child. Hang in the window, or give to a loved one, these are always beautiful to create and fun to bust some boredom in the process! Oh! And be sure to lay down […]

Three Easy Bird Feeders

It’s cold outside and our backyard birds are working hard to keep warm, and that means fuel! Next week we will post about your family’s role in Citizen Science and the Audubon’s Society’s Great Backyard Bird Count beginning on February 17th.  This week here are three easy bird feeders to help our feathered friends through […]

Passing Down Body Image to Your Children

By Paula Solis Krock It’s a New Year and what do we do? We make resolutions! We make profound life decisions, usually in the area of losing weight! We decide to eat healthier, go on a diet, work out more. These are fabulous decisions which I support 100%! I myself am zealously pursuing through the […]

1 Easy Alternative to Technology: Inventor’s Box

I unplugged the TV unexpectedly one day. The kids were young, banking their childhoods as I watched. I made the decision after a long and lovely TV-less vacation when I realized my own best childhood memories were outside and not in front of the tube. When I thought about it, even my current best memories […]

10 Family Micro-Adventures

By Nancy Blakey There is always something in the way of planning a vacation, an adventure, a weekend away that you know your family needs. There is everyone’s schedule to consider, the burden of corralling interests and making it fun, the work it takes to pack and plan, but why wait for Some Day when […]

Gluten Free Play Dough

By Paula Solis Krock Here is a no-fail play dough recipes for days where playing inside feels a whole lot better than outside! What you will need: ½ cup white rice flour ½ cup c. cornstarch ½ c. table salt 2 tablespoons. cream of tarter 1 cup water 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil Several drops of […]

When the Spoon Isn’t Purple: Avoiding Temper Tantrums

By Rebecca Lemar My daughter wanted applesauce. I had applesauce and she was happy about that. When I delivered the spoon, you would have thought I handed her a dirty worm. “Nooo, this spoon isn’t purple!” she cried . When the banana comes out broken or heaven forbid, brown!   When the blue car cart at […]

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