Explore the Great Outdoors!


It’s summer, and the days are long and the living is easy, right? We’ll help with that last part: fun messy projects, using the outdoors for creative discipline tricks, and how to dress for family portraits ahead!

How to Camp with Kids


By Rebecca Lemar We took the children camping on an island up north last week where the ponderosa pine trees grow tall. Our campsite was dotted with buttercups and indian paintbrush that looked like little fallen stars bursting on the tall grass. Through the pines was a long sandy beach.  “The children are going to […]

Bringing Home a New Sibling


“How can you best prepare a toddler for a new sibling?” Congratulations! Your new baby girl has arrived and you’re bringing home a new sibling to your toddler waiting to meet her. It’s a beautiful change for your family unit, but one your toddler may have trouble understanding. My daughter, just two when I brought home my […]

How to Get Your Kids to Bed Early!


By Jenna Hall Have you seen this comedic clip from Jim Gaffigan? One of our favorite parts is on getting your kids to bed. It makes my husband and I laugh so hard, because we totally get it. We have been there, negotiating with our children to JUST STAY IN YOUR ROOM (don’t ask about […]

Go Outside! Top 10 Backyard Activities


By Rebecca Lemar Not long ago, I proclaimed in my annual summer manifesto that my children deserve a sensational summer rich with summer fun. My own roadblock usually comes when I don’t have a scheduled activity. Here I am pushing boredom onto my children to discover their own passions, and I avoid open ended time […]

Kisses and Band-Aids: A Child’s First Aid Kit

Beginning of Summer 2015 505

by Rebecca Lemar Summer is a time of scraped knees, bee stings and splinters, and whether you have a toddler learning to walk or a reckless speed demon on a bike, there are things parents can do to help ease the pain when the inevitable happens. Number One Way of soothing an owie? Kisses! How […]

Catch and Release

fish boy

I learned to fly fish on a dirt road in Alaska. It was a slow night, the sun low on the horizon, and the kids and I were bored. We were living the summer in rainbow trout paradise, and suddenly it seemed important. My husband Greg, an expert at fly fishing, tied a cigarette butt […]

Find Thee a Babysitter: Babysitting Co-ops


by Rebecca Lemar Sometimes I congratulate myself as a parent for the small victories—dinner made, a child’s tantrum derailed, kids in bed on time and a few hours to myself, but when I am in the thick of it with crumbs on my feet, no sleep for weeks and whiny children at my feet, dying […]

Little Girls and Bikinis


by Jenna Hall It’s officially summer here in the northwest and with the warm weather comes water fights, swimming pools and long afternoons on the beach. It also means that my kids are clad in bathing suits for the better part of the day, if I can keep clothes on them at all (I’m looking […]

How to Ride a Bike

Benjamin Shalva

by Rebecca Lemar I was 5 years old when Dad held onto the back of my bicycle as I slowly started pedaling down a small, grassy hill. I could feel him there, but I couldn’t see him. “You got me?” I asked.  I wobbled and looked ahead at the transition onto the road. “You still […]

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