“I Can Fly!”

Nick Hall Photography

Our lives are governed by our imaginations. This season we will explore ways to turn your child’s creativity loose and learn why boredom can be a good thing. That’s right. A good and necessary thing in learning to fly. Stay tuned!

Spring Break! 10 Fun and Fabulous Adventures

Nick Hall Photography

True exuberant fun for children does not take a great deal of money. That tickly monster game you play before bath? Jackpot! Kids in the kitchen helping to make cookies? Fantastic! More often than not it is the spontaneous and goofy asides that make the best memories. But then a stretch of days like spring […]

Metamorphosis of a Mother


By Rebecca Lemar When I think back to before I was “Mama,” there’s a young lady who cared a lot about sleeping in, living for weekends, traveling far, swimming deep. And she was an amazing girl in her element, a little lonely, but charismatic and adventurous. And I miss her. I feel like her older […]

60 Second Science: Dancing Raisins


by Rebecca Lemar This is a fun and super easy project! We laughed and laughed. The materials are simple. The procedure is fast and requires no more than observation. Before dropping in the raisin, ask your preschooler, “What do you think will happen to the raisin?” What you will need: • Sparkling water • Raisins […]

The Attributes of Strong Families

Kim M. Berggren

  Your beloved family dog is dying, your 15 month old is biting, and the preschool teacher of your 4-year-old son wants a conference to discuss a few ‘issues.’ There are times in a family’s life where it feels you are barely coping, where you can’t take one more thing, but then the toilet floods, […]

Eggheads with Grass Hair


A fun project for Easter or year round.  Get out the scissors and give a tiny haircut to your creation! What you will need: egg shell halves potting soil spray bottle with water grass seed felt tips Mix the potting soil with enough water to hold it together in clumps. Place the egg shell halves […]

Family Tree: Fabulous Kid’s Art


  By Rebecca Lemar Collaborative art projects can be a lot of fun. This family tree project was an idea I got from the toddler class at my school and it sold at the school auction for $300. Every little toddler put his mark on the tree and it was adorable. It can also be […]

Get Ready for Easter: Grow Grass in Your Baskets!


Start this early enough for the grass seed to germinate and thicken in time for Easter morning, a few weeks should do it. What you will need: Basket Large plastic bag Potting soil Grass seed (available in small quantities at nurseries or hardware stores) Cut the plastic bag into a piece large enough to fit […]

Dear Me: What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

me at 20_0001

It was sunny yesterday, one of those gorgeous spring days that make strangers fall irrationally in love with this Northwest corner of the world. The temperature hovered around tee shirt and all I wanted to do was ride my bike really fast somewhere. I felt like Finn, who is 5 years-old and so alarmingly alive […]

Refilling Your Cup


Finding Answers When You Can’t Find Time to Balance by Rebecca Lemar Ani woke up at 4:30am. I ran to her room so she wouldn’t wake up her older brother. It was annoying to be awake so early night after night, rocking, but not really reaching her. I ended up taking her to my bed […]

Mama Says: “My Best Friend’s Kids Are Out of Control!”


Dear Mama—I have a sticky dilemma. My best friend’s kids are out of control! We both have 4 and 6 year olds and we started out thinking how perfect the timing was, but now I am not so sure. She caves on everything, gives her kids whatever they want to keep them ‘quiet’, and there […]

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