“I Can Fly!”

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Our lives are governed by our imaginations. This season we will explore ways to turn your child’s creativity loose and learn why boredom can be a good thing. That’s right. A good and necessary thing in learning to fly. Stay tuned!

Mama Says: “My Best Friend’s Kids Are Out of Control!”


Dear Mama—I have a sticky dilemma. My best friend’s kids are out of control! We both have 4 and 6 year olds and we started out thinking how perfect the timing was, but now I am not so sure. She caves on everything, gives her kids whatever they want to keep them ‘quiet’, and there […]

Someday You’ll Be a Butterfly: How to Grow Wings


“No one else has to do chores,” my son complained. “And if the do, they get PAID.” “Hmmm…well, that is not the way we do it in our family,” I said, repeating the very words I swore I would never say to my own kids when I was a furious girl with the very same […]

Building Better Brains: A Handmade Memory Game


Rebecca Lemar One day I told my children I was going to make a Memory Game for them and I asked for ideas for the pictures. I whipped up this easy project and suddenly we claimed our favorite cards, had healthy competition and a great deal of laughter on our hands. When I left to […]

Kids in the Kitchen: More Than Applesauce


Rebecca Lemar You probably already know how to make applesauce. It’s as easy as peel, chop, boil, mash. For children, it’s simple, delicious and a wonderful exercise in healthy eating and cultivating a love of cooking. Below is a how-to version of applesaucing, but here are some extra ideas to consider when doing this fun, […]

What’s Normal? Milestones from Birth to 1 Year


One of my favorite books when I began having babies was Berry Brazelton’s Infants and Mothers  He profiled three babies—an average (Louis), an active (Daniel), and a quiet baby (Laura)–and went through the milestones of ‘normal’ developmental behavior. He was also on the forefront in research on how parents’ perceptions of their babies impact their […]

Running Wild: 10 Marvelous Mud Activities


I grew up running wild outdoors. My parents rarely knew where my siblings and I were after we flew out the backdoor, probably a good thing. We were swimming in muddy ditches, having dirt clod wars, falling from trees, and biking in the dark with pop cans stomped to our feet and dragged on the […]

Number One Coping Strategy for Tired Parents: Humor!


You are not alone! Last year a tired father from Australia was asked to fill out multiple daycare forms for his 11 month old daughter Emma.  This is his response to the form asking for her ‘personality portrait’.

Hearts and Crafts: Easy Homemade Valentines


by Rebecca Lemar I love Valentine’s Day. For me it’s a time to make special cards for loved ones and throw my annual wine and chocolate ladies party. I love red and pink, I love hearts and crafting, I love being able to make time in our busy lives to decorate a valentine and say […]

60 Second Science: Shining Copper


Each common penny has a story of travel, but all we see is a dingy, dirty penny. Introduce preschoolers to science with this fun and easy chemistry experiment. Shiny copper is very attractive and children will enjoy watching the transformation of the dingy, dirty into a shiny piece of one of earth’s greatest metals. This […]

Bring on the Danger! 10 Things Kids Should Be Allowed to Do


              This is the first post in a series on raising resilient kids   What’s a big life without risk? True, you can get bumped and bruised, confused and lost, but what’s the alternative? A safe life where you end up, well, safe. No risk, no lessons, no heady joy of danger met and countered, […]

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