“I Can Fly!”

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Our lives are governed by our imaginations. This season we will explore ways to turn your child’s creativity loose and learn why boredom can be a good thing. That’s right. A good and necessary thing in learning to fly. Stay tuned!

Stained Glass Window Art


by Rebecca Lemar Winter is beautiful, dark and hibernatey. Being indoors so much more during these winter months, we needed a project that brought color to our lives. This easy window decoration is simple, fun and adds a lot of charm to your living space. Materials: • Cellophane- (at craft stores it comes in huge […]

Mama Says: “I Can’t Do It!”


I am at the end of my rope. My competent lovely 3 year old daughter has been saying I can’t do it, from putting on her shoes to drawing a circle to finding her dolls, and she acts helpless and cries and throws a fit when I tell her she can. If I insist and […]

Lessons from a Chocolate Chip Cookie


By Rebecca Lemar I hate baking with children. The amount of error and mess really aggravates me. I can be pretty anal and anxious when things don’t go my way and in parenting if I am not careful and mindful, I turn into the mother I don’t want to be. There are a couple of […]

Throw Away the Directions! The Importance of Open-Ended Play


“This hose is a breathing tube,” our 9-year-old son said holding up a piece of garden hose. I nodded and continued chopping carrots. “And this foot pump is part of a tricky machine that lets you breathe underwater.” “Uh-huh,” I said absently. I was used to the boy’s inventions. Mousetraps from duct tape, helicopters from […]

Homemade Paint for Bathtub Artists


What you will need: 1 cup of mild soap flakes (available in the detergent section of your grocer) or grate a bar of Ivory or other mild soap 5 tablespoons hot water food coloring or tempera paint zipper-top sandwich bags or muffin tin paint brushes Place the soap flakes in a bowl. Add the hot […]

Brain Stimulating Salt Dough


By Rebecca Lemar Just an ordinary day at our house making salt dough until we added some nutmeg and woo-hoo, the air filled with spice. What other things could I add, I wondered. So we got out vanilla extract, orange extract and almond extract, smelling them all before we filled a ¼ teaspoon and added […]

Curiosity Cures Boredom


There is no cure for curiosity—Dorothy Parker If I were a Fairy Godmother bestowing a precious gift upon a child, I would choose the gift of curiosity. Plink! And you shall go out and ask why, and what would happen if….. You shall receive skinned knees and dangle from trees. You will lift up rocks, […]

Marriage 101: Your Own Personal State of the Union


“I want to have a State of the Union,” I said to my husband of 36 years. “A what?” he asked uncertainly. “You know, a State of the Union to look at where we have been as a couple and what we imagine the future to look like.” Greg cleared his throat and considered. I […]

How to Survive the Winter Holidays: 12 Creative Things to do at Home


By Rebecca Lemar Feed your child’s imagination and get them moving and creating with these easy and fun ideas! 1. Conversation: Fill up a page with hearts. Then have a conversation with your child about who (or what) you LOVE. Write a word in each heart. Variety: Cut out hearts and hang them everywhere, make […]

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