10 Simple Ways to a Peaceful Holiday Season

By Nancy Blakey A wise mother once told me in order to make the holidays more meaningful for her family, she was going to limit her multi-tasking, beginning with making eye contact with her family. “What does that mean?” I asked her. “That means I stop doing dishes when Emmi tells me about her day […]

Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

This dough dries to a hard clay-like finish, and holds the delicious fragrance of cinnamon.  You can also tie the ornaments onto wrapped gifts with ribbon.  Save this recipe!  Sculpting with it makes a great rainy day activity for kids of all ages. What you will need: 1-cup ground cinnamon 2 cups flour 2 cups […]

To Play or Not Play with Your Kids

The other evening, my mom and I had an interesting conversation about playing with our children. We both agreed that getting down on the floor and playing diggers (or whatever toy du jour) was/is not our favorite aspect of parenting. Doing projects? Yes. Exploring outside? Yes. Complimentary activities such as cooking, gardening or cleaning together? […]

Spice It Up! Exploring the Sense of Smell and Taste

By Rebecca Lemar Recently I read a Helen Keller book to my 1st graders where we learned of the quiet, dark world in which she lived. It struck up a conversation about all our senses when a child suddenly asked, “What is your favorite sound, Miss Rebecca?” My favorite sound? Well gosh, I don’t know!   […]

A Manifesto for a Simple Life

  From Kelly Exeter—The Smile Collective We all dream of having more hours in a day, of living a simpler life where family time is not an obligation, but a loving connection where we suddenly understand that the home is a safe harbor to anchor us to our best selves. During the holiday season life […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Cook Up an Easy Thanksgiving Treat

Thanksgiving festivities are for kids too! Mudpie Mama Paula is in the kitchen making a Thanksgiving treat the kids can create and enjoy in just 20 minutes. Watch the video now!  

Glowsticks in the Bath!

This is one of the best bath time activities we have done! The incandescent light of the sticks in bathwater entertained even the baby. We experimented after the bath to see what method would make the glowsticks last until morning: leaving them at room temperature, in the refrigerator, in the freezer, and outdoors. One way […]

Sit Down You Are One of the Family

I was at one of my three sons’ weddings when I got one of the best compliments ever. A childhood friend of my son’s introduced me to his wife. “This is Nancy, and she had the best food. We always tried to come over on grocery day to help unload the car because we got […]

60 Second Science: Electric Hair

Science is fun! Use static electricity to teach your child about positive and negative charges What you will need: inflated balloon wool sock Rub the wool sock on the inflated balloon or you can rub the balloon on your hair. You will start to hear crackly sounds. Have your child place the balloon on his […]

Too Sick for Daycare? When to Keep Your Child Home

When I was growing up the only reasons for staying home sick from school were a fever above 100º, vomiting just before going out the door, or if we had a particularly virulent episode of impetigo from playing in a dirty sandbox. I had four siblings and I imagine my mother felt it was a […]

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