Summer, Glorious Summer!


Go barefoot, stand on tip toes and rich for the stars! Make mudpies, pick berries, take a nap on a blanket in the shade of a tree. Sandcastles and bubbles are the order of the day. Go outside! There is a world of memories waiting to be made out the back door.



I grew up in Idaho with four sisters and brothers, and a father and mother who wouldn’t take no for an answer. On summer days, after our chores, my siblings and I were herded out the back door. Play, my mother ordered. And we did. We had no choice. We played baseball and had lemonade […]

“The Best Parenting Advice I Can Give You…”


Last summer when my daughter was expecting her third baby she asked me to gather a group of wise and beloved women together for a Blessingway, an alternative to a shower that focuses less on gifts and more on the mother-to-be. Blessingways help the mother prepare emotionally and spiritually for birth with the female energy […]

Music, Stress, Play, Chores, Sleep: 5 Fascinating Studies


Did you know: Pregnant women respond more intensely to music? Your baby can share your stress? Kids with more play autonomy grow into more socially successful adults? One simple word change makes kids more helpful and willing to do chores? Interrupted sleep is as exhausting as no sleep at all? Read on! Here are 5 […]

Back to Basics: 10 Timeless Tools for Outdoor Fun

Hayley Cyrus

Some things never change, including the way kids love to play, generation after generation.  Open ended activities with no rules, the time to do them in, and a few basic tools or ingredients can change a cranky kid into a bright-eyed, breathless child.  This summer  go outside, where there are few NO’s, no physical movement […]

Pushing the “PAUSE” Button


Do you have “the list” at your house? That would be “the list” perhaps on paper, your iPad, your phone, perhaps tucked away in your mind- of all the things you have to do daily; New shoes for the oldest, snacks for the playdate, book reading for the book club, bills, and so on and […]

Alaska! Bugs, Bears, and Boo-Hoo


I spent the last month in Naknek, Alaska, home territory for our family for 24 salmon seasons, and it was the usual crazy, quirky time.  Bears got into the garbage, we had to flush the toilet with a plastic bucket of water, the weather ranged from a chill factor of 35 degrees to a balmy […]

The Beauty of Boredom


Ah summer! The first day of Summer vacation, and what comes out of my child’s mouth? Yep, you guessed it, a parent’s all time favorite phrase, “I’m bored!” The words use to curl my toes. Now that I know better, I get all excited when I hear my kids say this. “Bored?” I reply, “Oh […]

This One is For the Mamas: Mason Jar Sangria

photo 2

I know, I know, this is not a kid post, but the Mamas (and Papas) are going to like it. The best part is, you can make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge until your kids go to bed! Mason Jar Sangria In a quart size Mason jar add: 2 cups […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things


This is my version of Oprah’s Favorite things list…but its just me…and I may have been inspired a little by King’s High School’s recent performance of Sound of Music. (Which by the way, if you like local performances, Kings High School is kicking out some of the best plays around!–just sayin.) Here are some awesome […]

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