Spooky Halloween Hands

This recipe and fun project comes from Nancy’s book, The Mudpies Activity Book, Recipes for Invention. This project is one your children can help with making and handing out to their friends is fun too! You will need: Clear disposable gloves (such as food handler’s gloves) Jelly beans, M&M’s, candy corn or other candy of […]

Plunger Pumpkin Patch

By Paula Solis Krock   Art that takes muscle! Does your child love to move and create at the same time? If so you must try this! This paint activity is not for the faint of heart, and like all great art takes some tolerance for the mess, but it is an engaging project for […]

New Baby Etiquette

By Bridgette Blakey It’s that beautiful moment when you get to meet a friend or family member’s newest addition. For months you have wondered whose nose they would have, or the color of their hair, or if you can see a glimpse of personality that resembles one parent or the other. Between the snuggling and […]

Ask a Mama: What’s Wrong with Being a Girly Girl?

So many of the people I know who have little girls act disgusted with things associated with being a girl. For example, pink, sparkles, ruffles, princesses and babies. I am girly 85% of the time and my daughter is probably about the same if not more. Why do so many people feel that letting our […]

A No-Mess Pumpkin Decorating Activity

By Paula Solis Krock For those parents out there who find the words knives, pumpkin and four-year old alarming, I am about to change your life. Did you know there are actually stickers for pumpkins? If this is a revelation to you, you are going to be delightfully surprised. This is particularly wonderful for those […]

Waiting for Baby

My daughter Jenna is 10 days overdue. Baby did what we asked for: wait until all three uncles got married this past month to enter this slipstream world. But now we are ready, we have been ready for the past week if you don’t count dealing with a flooded house on one end (mine), a […]

Back to Work: 7 Things to Remember

By Rebecca Lemar I didn’t want to return to work. I wanted to keep on tending to my newborn and doing mundane tasks at home in yoga pants. I envisioned myself staying at home until my child turned five, like my mother did with me, but there was no choice. Instead, I found myself handing […]

This One is For the Mamas: Mason Jar Sangria

I know, I know, this is not a kid post, but the Mamas (and Papas) are going to like it. The best part is, you can make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge until your kids go to bed! Mason Jar Sangria In a quart size Mason jar add: 2 cups […]

6 Discipline Tricks Your Mother Never Taught You

There are a thousand ways to raise good children, but there is one common support under all of them: a strong relationship between parent and child. In building the relationship with your child it is important to remember humans are a species of hierarchy and we do best when we have robust guidance and leadership. […]

The Science of Risk

By Rebecca Lemar I grew up alongside a valiant older brother that lived his youth seeking thrills: Black diamond ski runs, skateboard-without-fear, climb-mountains-without-gear kind of guy. He’s had amnesia, broken teeth, and concussions, while I, the more cautious one, did not. Recently I browsed a book by Jack Challoner on the brain . He mentioned […]

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