“I Can Fly!”

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Our lives are governed by our imaginations. This season we will explore ways to turn your child’s creativity loose and learn why boredom can be a good thing. That’s right. A good and necessary thing in learning to fly. Stay tuned!

Earth Day Projects for Kids: Seed Starter and Felt Story Board


by Rebecca Lemar Want to involve your child in gardening? Let him grow his own plants! Radish and sunflower seeds are exceptionally gratifying because the seeds are big, they sprout quickly and are easy to grow. What you will need: • Potting soil • Old pan or bowl • Egg carton • Seeds (radish or […]

Play Dough Bird Nests


By Rebecca Lemar Making the nest color dough is part of the fun in this experiment. And talk about what color eggs birds lay! Be creative, silly and inventive or traditional and realistic when choosing the egg color. You can mention that birds of the same kind make the same kind of nests, but different […]

The Importance of Clean-Up: 10 Ways to Boost Help


Our young son was building tanks and trucks from a gigantic plastic bin filled with Legos. It was a multi-day process that required experimental crashes down the stairs, and head-on collisions between vehicles to see which design was stronger. On day three I surveyed the mess, the wrecks, the scattered bricks of plastic. I was […]

Fat Chance I’ll Go On a Bikini Diet


By Amanda Sheehan According to societal standards I am not “ready” to wear bikini or step foot on a beach this summer. Why? Because I have not recently lost 10 pounds. Nor have I completed a 7 day cabbage detox diet. The plague of “bikini ready” diets has me wondering if the beach will open […]

The Making of a Moral Compass


When my children were small they moved through little fibbing phases. When I would ask, “Did you spill that box of cereal on the floor?” I would get a “No! Not me!” knowing full well it was him. I wondered about these little lies and wanted to come up with a strategy that didn’t hammer […]

Beautiful Silk-Dyed Eggs

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Who would think that an old tie from Goodwill could produce such a gorgeous dyed egg! The trick is you have to use 100% silk for the transfer to work. What you will need: Old silk ties or other silk clothing Pipe cleaners or twist ties Old pillow case torn in pieces to cover the […]

Changing Tradition: Filling Your Easter Eggs & Baskets


By Rebecca Lemar Easter candy is hands down my favorite season for candy (sweetart chicks, ducks and bunnies, chocolate bunnies, peeps, malted milk eggs) so this post comes with a little grain of salt. We fill our eggs with candy because it is tradition and candy is small, but tradition may swing gently in new […]

Spring Break! 10 Fun and Fabulous Adventures

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True exuberant fun for children does not take a great deal of money. That tickly monster game you play before bath? Jackpot! Kids in the kitchen helping to make cookies? Fantastic! More often than not it is the spontaneous and goofy asides that make the best memories. But then a stretch of days like spring […]

Metamorphosis of a Mother


By Rebecca Lemar When I think back to before I was “Mama,” there’s a young lady who cared a lot about sleeping in, living for weekends, traveling far, swimming deep. And she was an amazing girl in her element, a little lonely, but charismatic and adventurous. And I miss her. I feel like her older […]

60 Second Science: Dancing Raisins


by Rebecca Lemar This is a fun and super easy project! We laughed and laughed. The materials are simple. The procedure is fast and requires no more than observation. Before dropping in the raisin, ask your preschooler, “What do you think will happen to the raisin?” What you will need: • Sparkling water • Raisins […]

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