Autumn Wonders

As we move into fall Mudpie Mamas offers you recipes for easy meals, projects that are better than TV, Life as Plan B, and more. Check us out!

Preparing The Heart and Table for Thanksgiving


One idea for preparing the table and one for preparing the heart. The Table: These little place cards are simple to make and your child will feel like they contributed to the Thanksgiving Feast, as they set each name at the table. Here is what you need: Some cute cookie cutters and paint Glitter (for […]

Mama Says: “Help! I Yell Too Much!”

Man shouting with chalk speech bubble

Dear Mama, I have three kids from a 13 month old baby to a 6-year-old. My husband travels a lot for business and when he goes all the responsibility for feeding, bathing, disciplining, getting everyone out the door for pre-school every morning, etc. falls on me 24/7. It can be exhausting and there are days […]

My Top 10 Favorite Comedies


Someone once said a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything that ails you. As we enter the dark heart of a Northwest winter, I can help you with the good laugh part. Here are 10 of my favorite comedies in no particular order. It was hard to limit […]

The Beauty of Spiders


Spiders I know spiders are the archenemies of all adults, but have you put your fear aside and really considered them as friends? Spiders are amazing little insects that do a world of good for us in eating tons of terrible bugs we don’t want terrorizing us. I do realize they are scary, but I […]

This Mama’s Take on Stranger Danger


We were on our way to a school celebration. The kids were excited even if they had to dress up and brush their hair and wear shoes instead of their customary rubber boots. It was the culmination of a 6-month study on the culture of Mexico and there was going to be a piñata! Tacos! […]

Sunflower Fine Motor Game


What to do with all those sunflowers in the garden? Make a fine motor game with your child! Grab some tweezers at the dollar store or out of the bathroom cabinet and turn your child loose on the sunflower! Right around three-four years old, children are able to grasp the tweezers and get the motion […]

The Easiest Halloween Costume Ever


On Monday: “I want to be a pirate!” On Tuesday: “I want to be a Spiderman pirate who flies!” A few hours later: “I don’t want to be Spiderman or a Pirate, I want to be a MAGICIAN!” On Thursday: “Will people give you treats if your costume is pajamas?” Ah, the choices of who […]

Spooky Easy Ghost Decoration

Kids love to decorate for Halloween and these are simple to make! What you will need: Cheesecloth Liquid starch Quart jar or soda bottle Small balloon or Styrofoam ball Black construction paper Blow up the balloon to make a head, tie, and place it on top of the quart jar, or you can place a […]

Wax Paper Leaf Lanterns


These beautiful lateens are simple to make and stunningly beautiful when illuminated. You will need: Wax paper Border paper (any teacher store, or Office supply store) 5-8 dry leaves glue Cut the border to the size of the circle you want, then measure the wax paper, and fold in half. You will only glue the […]

“Things Are Going to Change Around Here!” 10 Ideas to Help your Family Shift


It was a bad day. I was impatient with the dilly-dallying before school, bad tempered over a broken glass, and yelled about the amount of laundry piling up. I saw upended dresser drawers, muddy shoes, and piles of Legos beside the bins they belonged in, and I made sure everyone else saw them too with […]

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