Explore the Great Outdoors!


It’s summer, and the days are long and the living is easy, right? We’ll help with that last part: fun messy projects, using the outdoors for creative discipline tricks, and how to dress for family portraits ahead!

How to Ride a Bike

Benjamin Shalva

by Rebecca Lemar I was 5 years old when Dad held onto the back of my bicycle as I slowly started pedaling down a small, grassy hill. I could feel him there, but I couldn’t see him. “You got me?” I asked.  I wobbled and looked ahead at the transition onto the road. “You still […]

The Best Summer Ever! Dirt, Bumps, and a Scrape or Two


“Nana!” Finn screamed in a voice that froze my blood. The kids were outside on the beach lifting rocks and exploring the low tide. We had been peering out from the porch every once in awhile but okay, so it seemed everything was going fine. We were enjoying our morning coffee and meandering conversation without […]

Sunscreen 101


We all know the value and importance of wearing sunscreen (surely you have seen the viral video, How the Sun Sees You? It changed the way I think about sunscreen and my skin), but do you know what‘s in your sunscreen? Sunscreens contain some of the most toxic chemicals of any skin-care or body product. […]

My Summer Manifesto


By Rebecca Lemar Manifesto: a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives I promised my children they could stay up late last night because something very exciting was going to happen: A full on Midwestern thunderstorm. We got ready and placed fold-up chairs in the open garage, and with kids on laps we covered […]

Keeping the Love Alive


by Bridgette Blakey There we were, all dressed up at one of the fanciest restaurants in Seattle. My husband and I had just come from our 20 week ultrasound appointment, and were trembling with excitement. We had just given the waiter a sealed envelope containing the sex of our child. We had requested he reveal […]

10 Tricks to Traveling on Planes with Toddlers

Traveling Finn

By Jenna Hall There are lots of great resources out there for traveling with children, but in our experience traveling back and forth from the US to the UK, these are the 10 best tricks to traveling on planes with young children (and getting compliments on how well-behaved they were when we arrive!) Save your […]

10 Secrets of Happy Families

images-3 2

There is no one way, one path, to a happy family. The rules of happiness change from family to family, and from culture to culture, but there are certain collective tenets that invite depth and meaning to our relationships. 1. Deposit the qualities into your relationships that you wish to withdraw. Think of the person […]

Cool Summer Treats: Low in Sugar, High in Excitement


What is it about children and ice? My children see ice in a cup and dig into it like they’re fishing for gold. With the hot summer days on the brink and my homemade popsicle molds empty, I decided to fill them with just plain ole’ water. At first I really didn’t expect them to […]

3 Ways to Grow Green Kids

Nick Hall

“Watch out!” five-year-old Finn yells as he mounts the scooter bike and heads downhill and over an embankment and into shrubs that claw mercilessly at him. His head appears over the edge with leaves and small twigs stuck in his hair. “That was FUN!” he crows, then he trudges up the hill with the bike […]

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