When the Spoon Isn’t Purple: Avoiding Temper Tantrums

By Rebecca Lemar My daughter wanted applesauce. I had applesauce and she was happy about that. When I delivered the spoon, you would have thought I handed her a dirty worm. “Nooo, this spoon isn’t purple!” she cried . When the banana comes out broken or heaven forbid, brown!   When the blue car cart at […]

Wild Child: The Importance of Outdoors in All Weather

By Nancy Blakey The weather outside is frightful with the damp gray dance of winter shortening the days and dropping the temperature. Cabin fever sets in and the kids are ornery and restless.   “Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take away the walls…” Erin Kenny declares, and that means the wall-less fence-less great […]

Kids in the Kitchen: 5 Minute Acorn Cookies

By Rebecca Lemar These adorable cookies are incredibly easy to make with only three ingredients. A great activity to do with grandparents, babysitters, or on a slow day when there’s nothing to do. What you will need: 1 Bag of Hershey kisses 1 box of mini Nutter Butter cookies ½ cup chocolate chips ¼ cup […]

Resolutions for 2017: Time, Love, Space

By Paula Solis Krock Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we kept track of all our New Year’s resolutions throughout the years and could see how they ever so slightly turned the course of our road in life? I want to challenge you to something new in 2017. Ready? Deep breath. Time. Love. Space. That’s it. […]

Standout Parenting Books

By Paula Solis Krock In the two Parent Education libraries at the Northshore Co-Op Preschool and the Lake Washington Toddler Group where I formerly taught, we have several books which are standouts in developing a parenting philosophy and instrumental in learning more as a parent. We are always looking for new books, but there are […]

60 Second Science: Ice Bubbles

Ice Bubbles are weird and wonderful science, and a fun way to spend time outdoors in winter. Bundle up! What you will need: Bubble solution Bubble blower Chill the bubble solution before using. On a windless day below 32 degrees go outdoors and gently blow a bubble. If the temperature is around 25-30 degrees catch […]

Top Posts 2016: New Baby Etiquette

fionamargophotography.com New Baby Etiquette By Bridgette Blakey It’s that beautiful moment when you get to meet a friend or family member’s newest addition. For months you have wondered whose nose they would have, or the color of their hair, or if you can see a glimpse of personality that resembles one parent or the other. […]

Top Posts 2016: The Bliss of Hygge Time

margofionapotography.com The Bliss of Hygge Time by Nancy Blakey I have been spending the last 5 days babysitting my four grandchildren while Mama and Daddy were on a much needed getaway. I set aside deadlines and errands. I moved at child-speed and waited with the last child up the stairs or to the car as […]

Top Posts of 2016: I Give My Daughter Words

For the next 3 days we will feature the top three posts of 2016, starting with I Give My Daughter Words:  Modelling the Language of Calm by Rebecca Lemar.    I Give My Daughter Words:  Modelling the Language of Calm by Rebecca Lemar Just after lunch my daughter asks for dried cherries. She can’t be […]

Let Your Little Elves Make Wrapping Paper

By Paula Solis Krock This is a great way to put your little elves to work helping with the holiday activities. Any holiday that involves gift giving can use this great idea to keep your elves busy making something practical while they have a great time creating it! Here’s how to do it: Gather some interesting […]

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