Deck the Halls!

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On these pages you will find easy holiday gifts kids can make, decorations that make a house a home, and an easy way to tame the I-want-it Beast (we promise). Happy Holidays from the Mudpie Mamas!

Glitter Puffy Paint


This stuff is amazing! Here is what to do: Mix white school glue, shaving cream,  glitter and peppermint extract (just because it smells amazing!)  into a paint like consistency and create! It produces this puffy, soft painting, which is interesting for kids to touch, yet pretty enough to display throughout the holidays. The kids and […]

Make It: The Sweetest Handmade Ornament


These ornaments take only a few moments to make, and the process has everything kids love: color, candy, and something beautiful to hang for the holidays. Experiment with any hard candy: Lifesavers, hard peppermints, etc. Each ornament is unique! What you will need: Hard candies: we used Jolly Ranchers and crimped ribbon candy in holiday […]

3 Easy and 1 Hard Way to a Peaceful Holiday Season

I heard the crash at 6:00 in the morning and bolted out of bed. The Christmas tree had slammed to the ground in a spectacular mess of broken ornaments and pine needles. The 4 and 6-year-old culprits were crying and wringing their little hands. “I was just DECORATING,” wailed our son. I sighed and put […]

The Gingerbread Man Adventures


Tis the season for kid crafts and good smells in the house! One of the greatest memory my kids have when they were younger, was reading the Gingerbread Man story, and making gingerbread men, and then waiting to see if they indeed flee from the oven. (Which has been known to happen on several occasions!) […]

The Joy of Paperwhites


The smell and colors of spring in the dark days of winter is a perfect gift! This is simple project for kids to give with joy. What you will need: 5 to 6 paper-white narcissus bulbs shallow 6“ decorative dish or clay pot gravel or pebbles Put a layer of gravel in the dish and […]

10 Genius Gifts for Kids


Two big plastic bins of Legos have survived in our home for 30 years, dozens of kids, and random household purges. They were one of the few ‘toys’ I gave the grandparents when they asked for the kids’ Christmas lists, given among the requests for binoculars, tool kits, and tractor inner tubes—now those are real […]

Santa Ornaments


By Rebecca Bloedorn These clever little ornaments are made from paint brushes. Hang them on a tree or tie them on a gift! What you will need: • Chip brushes 1” or larger (Wood handle and blond bristles) • Tempera paint: black, white, green, red, flesh color • Paint brushes to brush with • Ribbon […]

Pretzel Garland


By Rebecca Bloedorn Deck the Halls with this charming garland! It’s edible art! What you will need: • Small pretzels (yogurt pretzels work too) • 3/4”  ribbon (available at craft and fabric stores) Measure the ribbon to the length you would like your garland, then cut. Next thread the ribbon through a pretzel and tie […]

How to Stop the I-Want-It Tantrum (Just in Time for the Holidays)


“I want that!” Five year old Finn cries pointing to a digger the size of Montana. Poppie spies a life-size baby doll dressed in pink. “Can I have that?” she begs. From candy, to cereal with marshmallows, to remote control helicopters, and doll buggies, there is no respite for parents from I-want, I-want, I-gotta-have-it! Add […]

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