3 No Fail Sunny Day Activities for Young Children

by Paula Solis Krock Now that the sunshine is here, and your babes are lathered in water-resistant sunscreen, here are three activities to keep those kids entertained in the hot weather! Paintbrushes and a Bucket of Water While this may seem like a joke, I assure you, this has the ability to keep your children […]

Boredom Busters: Play Dough & Bean Pie and a Salt Board

By Rebecca Lemar Bored kids? Sometimes the best activities are the easiest and closest at hand. Tweak a favorite standby like play dough, take it outdoors and add beans! And Salt Boards make kindergarten readiness fun with tracing letters in the lovely gritty feel of salt. Play Dough & Bean Pie What You will Need: […]

Mama Says: Should I Play With My Son?

  Dear Mamas:  When my 4-year-old son plays he will ask me to build blocks, play trucks and diggers or whatever he is doing with him. Sometimes it works out okay, but there are many times he gets angry because I am not building the right way or moving the trucks the way he wants […]

When Bad Things Happen: How to Respond to Recent Tragedies

By Paula Solis Krock Today we mourn the loss of officers in Baton Rouge; yesterday it was those in Turkey and a few days before, Nice, France. We draw our children close, hug them and wonder What on earth is the world coming to? We can respond in fear and never let our children out […]

Wild Child: Camping with Kids Gear List

By Paula Solis Krock Ready, set pack! You’ve made your reservations and now you are ready to get going on this adventure! While this list isn’t comprehensive it is the camping gear my family needs to make it a successful camping trip! For other camping stuff information see this Tripfinders list Tent Tarp (for under […]

Connecting as Family: Sunday Suppers at Nana’s

“Nana look!” Finn cried thumping his new shin protectors for soccer camp with his knuckles. I love those words. It bumps whatever reverie or task I am in into something else. I always look. I always marvel at the Kingdom of Joy pointed out with a child’s hands: the first pear pulled from the tree, […]

5-Minute Ice Cream in a Bag

Nothing says summer like homemade ice cream. Make this up outside on a hot summer day and celebrate the heat! This will make enough for 4 scoops of the best ice cream ever! Add crushed berries, or some chocolate syrup for different flavors. What You Will Need 2 cups whipping cream (you can use whole […]

Go Outside! 10 Great Backyard Activities

The outdoors is one big world of YES. Kids can be loud and magnificently rambunctious. There are fewer stop’s and more GO!. Outside they can stoop and race, climb and swing. Kids can jump as high as they like and land hard. They can yell and scream and play chase and tag. Outside is where […]

10 Ways to Raise Fearless Kids

Being a perfectionist is no fun. In fact it can be downright paralyzing. Fear of failure limits life to safe choices where there are no mistakes, but also no daring ideas or the kind of pluck that leads you to exploration and adventure. The good news is, fearlessness is a learned behavior. The bad news […]

“To Share or Not to Share” : That is the Question

by Paula Solis Krock I had a parent ask me a great question the other day. “When I can I expect my four year old to share with her siblings?” While we always want to encourage the language of sharing and considering how others feel, we cannot expect a child to truly grasp the concept […]

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