Autumn Wonders

As we move into fall Mudpie Mamas offers you recipes for easy meals, projects that are better than TV, Life as Plan B, and more. Check us out!

“Things Are Going to Change Around Here!” 10 Ideas to Help your Family Shift


It was a bad day. I was impatient with the dilly-dallying before school, bad tempered over a broken glass, and yelled about the amount of laundry piling up. I saw upended dresser drawers, muddy shoes, and piles of Legos beside the bins they belonged in, and I made sure everyone else saw them too with […]

Our Roots


These are my grandmother’s hands. She was born in 1910, in Lubbock County, Texas and passed away on Thursday, at 104 years old surrounded by family. She was the jewel of the Solis family, and the keeper of all history, baby stories, and familial roots. Her home was a shrine to all things cultural and historical; […]

Nature’s Treasures


One of my favorite science projects is to continually find delightful little natural items to put in a big bowl and leave out for my preschoolers. Armed with tweezers and magnified glasses, I set out this bowl of nature’s treasures, and allow them to explore, touch, break apart, drop and so forth. Of course I […]

Life in the Slow Lane: Top 10 Ways to Savor Life

Nick Hall photography

Joseph Campbell once said that everyone thinks they are seeking the meaning of life, but what we truly seek as human beings is the experience, the rapture, of being alive. One September afternoon four year old Finn and I were sprawled in the car while mama and daddy shopped in the grocery store. Baby India […]

10 Indispensible Things for the Art Table


By Rebecca Bloedorn Children love creating. If you give them tools to be artistic and creative, magic happens! These ten things allow your child the freedom to build, create and discover at the table. 1. Paper: Skinny, long, full size, construction paper, newspaper, and tracing paper. Keep in mind the backs of your printed throw-aways […]

Edible Peanut Butter Play Dough


What better project than one you can not only play with, but also eat? This is a multi-sensory project that kids of all ages enjoy. Bring out the cookie cutters, scissors, a garlic press, spoons and bread knives. Your child can make pretend pancakes or cookies laid on a cookie sheet. What you will need: […]

Scented Cotton Ball Pumpkins


Happy almost October! One of my favorite things about October is all the fabulous pumpkin recipes and projects that abound! I saw this project and had to share it with my Mudpie family; its hands-on, squishy creativity, and kids love it. This comes from: It’s called a Scented Cotton Ball Bake. How on earth […]

Mama Says: Should I Play With My Son?


  Dear Mamas:  When my 4-year-old son plays he will ask me to build blocks, play trucks and diggers or whatever he is doing with him. Sometimes it works out okay, but there are many times he gets angry because I am not building the right way or moving the trucks the way he wants […]

PVC Pipe Structures


PVC pipe and fittings are an inexpensive medium for kids to create on a grand scale outdoors.  Provide a variety of pipe lengths, and fittings to join the pieces.  Let the ladders and forts and free form sculptures begin!   What you will need: 1/2” or 1” PVC pipe at least 50 feet) wire saw […]

Kool-Aid Play Dough


What you will need: 4 packages Kool Aid 3 cups white flour 1 cup salt 2 cups boiling water   In a large mixing bowl, stir up all the dry ingredients.  Add the boiling water and stir until there are no lumps or streaks.  The dough should not be sticky, when it has cooled slightly, […]

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