10 Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot


by Fiona Yates Photographs are visual history, and catch a moment in time that we can turn back to again and again. Whether it is a wedding, a birth, a kiss or a grin, the image can catapult us back to the celebration of life. Here are some tips that will make it a good […]

Earth Soup with Rainbow Petals


by Rebecca Lemar Bored kids and the sun is out? Here is a Never-Fail, hands-on project that kids love! There are few instructions and watching the riffs on the theme is delightful. Earth soup needs a big bowl or bucket! • Pour dish or bubble soap into the bowl, turn on the hose and fill […]

On Raising Resilient Kids: 10 Ways to Let Go


There is a lively discussion in the parenting world about how much parents need to manage their children’s lives, but there is no doubt when kids are left alone with a new idea or skill they are more engaged and willing to tolerate mistakes.  This leads to resiliency, a skill we all need to face […]

“So You Want to Raise a Boy?”

snake and boys

“Where’s Nicky?” I asked his older brother Ben. Ben shrugged. It was a tiny house in a tiny Alaskan village and I had just come from dropping off our daughter at a friend’s house to spend the night. It was a 5-minute drive down the one paved road. “Where’s Nicky? I asked his other brother […]

Thoughts on Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom

Mama and the kiddos

by Jenna Hall I secretly used to judge stay-at-home moms with their (seemingly) vast amounts of time and think to my busy working self, if only I could be at home all day with the kids, I would have a __________________(fill in the blank with: a perfectly clean house, gourmet dinners every night, more social […]

A Single Mom’s Survival Foods


By Bridgette Blakey With a husband that fishes during the summer, it’s my job to hold down the fort. For me this past summer that meant taking care of 6 chickens, a booming garden, a chinchilla, a dog, a six month old, and…oh yeah, myself! Let’s just say I have a new respect for single […]

Ask a Mama: “Are They Ready for Kindergarten?”


Dear Mama, I have boy/girl twins that were born in August. What are your thoughts on starting Kindergarten as a young 5 year old versus a 6 year old? I hate to hold one or both of them back if they are ready, but I certainly don’t want to regret sending them in too early. […]

On the Road with Kids: 10 Tips and Tricks


by Rebecca Lemar You don’t need hand held devices or DVD players for an easy road trip with kids. Open my minivan and you’ll find these things (they work great for carpools too!): Rotating library books – I keep a small basket of library books in the car. Once a week we visit the library […]

How to Camp with Kids


By Rebecca Lemar We took the children camping on an island up north last week where the ponderosa pine trees grow tall. Our campsite was dotted with buttercups and indian paintbrush that looked like little fallen stars bursting on the tall grass. Through the pines was a long sandy beach.  “The children are going to […]

Bringing Home a New Sibling


“How can you best prepare a toddler for a new sibling?” Congratulations! Your new baby girl has arrived and you’re bringing home a new sibling to your toddler waiting to meet her. It’s a beautiful change for your family unit, but one your toddler may have trouble understanding. My daughter, just two when I brought home my […]

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