Applesauce Recipe to Warm the Soul

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Applesauce is one of those things that warms the soul on a crisp fall day, and is easy enough for children of all ages to make and enjoy! I make some every year for Christmas gifts, which I wrap up with something delicious and drop it on doorsteps once the holiday season begins. I love […]

Woofy Comes Home

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By Amanda Sheehan Although it was a few years ago, I’ll never forget the day when Woofy came home from school with me. It was the most significant thing that happened in my son’s life at that point. Woofy is his stuffed dog – although years of love and constant companionship have rendered him a […]

60 Second Science: Musical Glass


by Rebecca Lemar This was one of my favorite experiments as a child. Show your child once and it is an activity they can then do independently.  For inspiration check out the video of incredible music from water glasses.  They are played differently than the project here but the concept of music from nothing more […]

10 Top Picks for Baby Gear 2015

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by Bridgette Blakey  There is an infinite amount of baby paraphernalia available out there–some are useful, some junk, some I will save and some will be given away. Baby girl is nearly 9 months now and here are my top picks after wrestling through the endless amounts of baby gear available: 1.) Bob Stroller This […]

Cooking with Kids: Bread In a Bag


One of my favorite things to do with my kids when they were young was this recipe called “Bread in a Bag”. It’s an easy recipe whether you consider yourself a baker or not! Essentially all the ingredients go into a resealable bag and then you knead away. Kids love the sensory experience of squishing […]

Tricks to Keep Little Early Bird Risers Occupied


By Rebecca Lemar Our family is past the 4:00 am wake up calls, thank heavens, but 6:00 am is the new hour. Those bright-eyed, happy little early birds wake up energized, bounding into our bedroom with smiles and good morning kisses even if they go to sleep later than usual.  6:00am is the start of […]

Top Toddler Activity: Cotton on a Contact Sheet


This is an easy activity that takes only a few moments to set up. Toddlers love to set and re-set the cotton balls into free form art! Tape the contact sheet in a window or French door near where the action is—a kitchen or a family room for example. What you will need: Tape Clear […]

Your After Baby Body


by Bridgette Blakey It’s been six months since I gave birth, and the thought of putting on a swimming suit still terrifies me. It’s not that I ‘haven’t lost the weight,’ which so many people are caught up on. It’s that my body is different. Carrying a baby to term has a similar effect on […]

“I Can Be Friendly or Firm”


by Rebecca Lemar “I don’t want to nap!” Pink screams and rubs her eyes and fake cries.   We have been here before. Usually during a transition. That friendly little angel we saw a minute ago “stinks it up”, we say around here. The problem is not necessarily that she is being naughty. The problem is […]

Blessingway: A Different Kind of Baby Shower


Our family has expanded with all the babies being born this past year, and one of the most powerful welcomes to the world of motherhood for the new mamas have been the Blessingway ceremonies.  Blessingways are based on a Navajo tradition of blessing the ‘one sung over’ for good health, luck, and safekeeping. Different from […]

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