The Gift of Failure

By Paula Solis Krock The Gift of Failure has been resurfacing in many of my conversations with parents lately, so I decided to revisit this post. Enjoy. Today it’s my little girl in a Tae Kwon do outfit standing alone in front of a crowd. She glances at the full audience of parents, and peers- […]

Zucchini in the Kitchen!

By Paula Solis Krock If you have lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than a year, you are well aware that we are the land of the giant zucchinis. Not only do we grow HUGE zucchinis, but if you happened to have accidently planted more than one in your garden, you will find you […]

The Beauty of Boredom

“I’m bored!” The words we dread in the full swing of summer, but the fact is, boredom is a beautiful thing to wrestle with. If we stay out of our children’s way, it is a place where passions are born, interests are developed, and resourcefulness is increased. When my own kids were small I would […]

Make Memories: 10 Things for an Outdoor Play Box

By Nancy Blakey Try this: ask an adult for a childhood memory—any memory, not the best or worst, just the first few images that rise to mind. I guarantee 99% of those memories will be outside. Campfires, racing down alleys, a fort, the arms of a tree are the rigging good childhood memories hang from. […]

Packed for the Park Adventure Bag

By Paula Solis Krock I’ve invited a guest blogger, Kristin Bauer from Everyday Organizing to share with us her ideas for Packed for the Park and some strategies for enjoying summer with our kids. For more great ideas and her full Packed in the Park post, be sure to check out her blog! Sunny days  in Seattle  means J&A are […]

60 Second Science: Rubber Egg

By Rebecca Lemar This is one of those science projects that foster curiosity and wonder, and it only takes a few moments to do! What you will need: Jar Vinegar Egg Place a raw egg into the jar and fill it with vinegar. Fill it so the whole egg is immersed. Label the jar vinegar […]

Remodel! 10 Tips for Living in a House Under Construction

by Rebecca Lemar We bought a 1930s fixer-upper house. Nearly every room has been redone in some way or another pushing our lives in boxes and upheaval each time. Some projects remain small and simple while others turn the bedrooms into what looks like a storage locker with beds. It is a human tendency to […]

On Strong Families: Nurture your Marriage

Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment, and especially on their children, than the unlived life of the parent. —Carl Jung I was exhausted. My husband had been in Alaska for the herring season, leaving me on my own, while all four kids all seemed to be going through a rough patch. One […]

3 No Fail Sunny Day Activities for Young Children

by Paula Solis Krock Now that the sunshine is here, and your babes are lathered in water-resistant sunscreen, here are three activities to keep those kids entertained in the hot weather! Paintbrushes and a Bucket of Water While this may seem like a joke, I assure you, this has the ability to keep your children […]

Boredom Busters: Play Dough & Bean Pie and a Salt Board

By Rebecca Lemar Bored kids? Sometimes the best activities are the easiest and closest at hand. Tweak a favorite standby like play dough, take it outdoors and add beans! And Salt Boards make kindergarten readiness fun with tracing letters in the lovely gritty feel of salt. Play Dough & Bean Pie What You will Need: […]

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