Manners Matter! Kitchen Table Etiquette for Kids


My 3-year-old grandson and I were eating dinner together. His father is British and manners matter in their household. “It’s important not too chew with your mouth open,” I said to Finn. “Like this,” and I smacked and chomped noisily, a little piece of chicken dangling from my lips. Finn looked at me solemnly. “That’s […]

10 Simple Ways to Encourage Gratitude in Your Family

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It’s the season of thankfulness, and I have 10 SIMPLE ways to encourage gratitude in your family. This isn’t Pinterest people, these are simple ways to encourage gratitude without creative pain! 1. Ask a question around a meal, “What is one thing you are thankful for this year?” 2. Give your child a small piece of paper […]

Life in the Slow Lane: Top 10 Ways to Savor Life

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Joseph Campbell once said that everyone thinks they are seeking the meaning of life, but what we truly seek as human beings is the experience, the rapture, of being alive. One September afternoon four year old Finn and I were sprawled in the car while mama and daddy shopped in the grocery store. Baby India […]

Handmade Thanksgiving Table Pumpkins


by Rebecca Lemar Thanksgiving is a family affair, and what better way to include the kids in preparing for the feast than with these adorable pumpkins? Start now and make one for friends and family to take home as party favors!   Materials: Air dry clay (or make your own salt dough) Sticks collected from […]

Mom-n-Me Breakfasts at the Diner

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It isn’t always easy being part of a big family. There is always someone older or younger than you, more needy, louder, bigger, or faster. Sometimes your voice is lost in the crazy swelling orchestra of brothers and sisters stretching up and out. There are dentist appointments, baseball games, and school carnivals. Sometimes it seems […]

Mama Says: “How Can I Stop the Fighting?”


Dear Mama, I have two sons 5 and 3 years old. I saw you speak on creativity and was inspired to put together an art and inventor’s box, and it works—they love it! but the 3-year-old messes with his brother’s projects and things often escalate to a fight. How can I stop the fighting and […]

Exercises You Can Do with Baby


by Bridgette Blakey Those last few months of pregnancy had me itching to start exercising again. I went from running a half marathon to not being able to touch my toes (or see them for that matter). I was so excited to give birth, heal, and jump back in the saddle again. Way easier said […]

10 Things to Do with Kids on Rainy Days

10-03 023

by Paula Anderson 1. Have an indoor picnic or camping adventure 2. Visit a local nursery and plant a new house plant or make a fairy garden 3. Make instruments or binoculars out of toilet paper tubes 4. Buy a roll of shelf paper. Trace your child’s body and draw in your hands, feet, face […]

What to Do with all that Halloween Candy?!


by Bridgette Blakey It’s that one night a year where every child in America is rushing to finish every last bite of dinner, just to be set free throughout the neighborhoods to collect candy in a rampage! After the last “Trick or Treat” they rush home to dump the entire bag of candy out on […]

Go Outside! Leaf Crowns


Celebrate autumn with making leaf crowns on your next walk through the park! You can create these with nothing more than the stems and leaves of brilliant fall colors. What you will need: fallen leaves with long stems such as maple First break the stems from the leaves. To make a crown, overlap two leaves […]

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