Winter Holidays

Let There Be Light! Easy Tin Can Lanterns

   This project was one of my family’s all time favorites.  Once used extensively in Colonial America, these lanterns provide a relatively safe way for your child to carry a candle (under adult supervision of course!). Let there be light! What you will need: empty clean tin cans hammer and nail towel for each can […]

Become a Citizen Scientist! The Great Backyard Bird Count

I first ran across of the concept of Citizen Science when I was recycle-printing on the back of my daughter’s college research paper. I flipped the paper over, the words caught my eye and I lowered myself to the chair to read about the importance of every day people contributing scientific data from their own […]

Three Easy Bird Feeders

It’s cold outside and our backyard birds are working hard to keep warm, and that means fuel! Next week we will post about your family’s role in Citizen Science and the Audubon’s Society’s Great Backyard Bird Count beginning on February 17th.  This week here are three easy bird feeders to help our feathered friends through […]

Let Your Little Elves Make Wrapping Paper

By Paula Solis Krock This is a great way to put your little elves to work helping with the holiday activities. Any holiday that involves gift giving can use this great idea to keep your elves busy making something practical while they have a great time creating it! Here’s how to do it: Gather some interesting […]

Teaching Gratitude During the Holidays

By Rebecca Lemar The holiday season of gifting and giving is a perfect time for teaching the importance of gratitude. Here are some ideas for keeping the holidays magical and full of appreciation. Go Outside: Build a snowman with a heart. Shape a heart with snow or fill a balloon with red water, freeze and […]

The World on a Piñata String

“Santa esta aqui!” The bright eyed girl cried. Santa is here! The kids crowd around him and touch his red furry coat. It is 80° degrees out and Santa is sweating.   I live in Loreto, Mexico part time and we are having a Posada at Internado—a boarding school for the children of ranchers. The farms […]

A Gift is Something You Make: 3 Easy Presents

The greatest gifts cost next to nothing, are infused with love, and require only a little hands-on time. Save an afternoon for your family to create the best kind of gifts–the ones made and given straight from the heart. Clothespin Vase What you will need: I package of peg clothespins Duct tape Large tuna can […]

10 Simple Ways to a Peaceful Holiday Season

By Nancy Blakey A wise mother once told me in order to make the holidays more meaningful for her family, she was going to limit her multi-tasking, beginning with making eye contact with her family. “What does that mean?” I asked her. “That means I stop doing dishes when Emmi tells me about her day […]

Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

This dough dries to a hard clay-like finish, and holds the delicious fragrance of cinnamon.  You can also tie the ornaments onto wrapped gifts with ribbon.  Save this recipe!  Sculpting with it makes a great rainy day activity for kids of all ages. What you will need: 1-cup ground cinnamon 2 cups flour 2 cups […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Cook Up an Easy Thanksgiving Treat

Thanksgiving festivities are for kids too! Mudpie Mama Paula is in the kitchen making a Thanksgiving treat the kids can create and enjoy in just 20 minutes. Watch the video now!  

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