Top Toddler Activities

A Little Scientist’s Nature Walk

By Paula Solis Krock Oh to have the curiosity and excitement a child possesses! And this is what makes a simple leaf collecting nature walk a day of scientific discovery for us all! Walk with your child and collect several leaves of different types and place them in a bag. When you get home spread […]

Beat the Heat: 10 Ideas for Kids to Play Outside

By Paula Solis Krock It’s August and it’s hot! Beat the heat with these 10 ideas for young children. Paint brushes, buckets and water: young children love to paint anything! Give them a bucket and some water and let them get to work on sidewalks, deck railings, themselves! Homemade popsicles: Whip up some homemade popsicles; […]

10 Things to Do with Kids on Rainy Days

by Paula Anderson 1. Have an indoor picnic or camping adventure 2. Visit a local nursery and plant a new house plant or make a fairy garden 3. Make instruments or binoculars out of toilet paper tubes 4. Buy a roll of shelf paper. Trace your child’s body and draw in your hands, feet, face […]

It’s the Process Not the Product

By Nancy Blakey One of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes cartoons shows Calvin shoveling dirt. Hobbes the tiger asks him why he is digging a hole. “I’m looking for buried treasure!” Calvin announces. “What have you found?” Hobbes asks. “A few dirty rocks, a weird root, and some disgusting grubs. There’s treasure everywhere!” Calvin announces […]

Gluten Free Play Dough

By Paula Solis Krock Here is a no-fail play dough recipes for days where playing inside feels a whole lot better than outside! What you will need: ½ cup white rice flour ½ cup c. cornstarch ½ c. table salt 2 tablespoons. cream of tarter 1 cup water 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil Several drops of […]

Wild Child: The Importance of Outdoors in All Weather

By Nancy Blakey The weather outside is frightful with the damp gray dance of winter shortening the days and dropping the temperature. Cabin fever sets in and the kids are ornery and restless.   “Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take away the walls…” Erin Kenny declares, and that means the wall-less fence-less great […]

Glowsticks in the Bath!

This is one of the best bath time activities we have done! The incandescent light of the sticks in bathwater entertained even the baby. We experimented after the bath to see what method would make the glowsticks last until morning: leaving them at room temperature, in the refrigerator, in the freezer, and outdoors. One way […]

Candy Science and Art Activities

Yikes! What to do with all that Halloween candy?! Grow brains and imagination! Here are links to 10 fabulous science and art projects using candy: Help your pre-schooler learn colors and engage fine motor skills with sorting   Make a candy ornament for the holiday season   Does it sink or float? Create a soda […]

Toddler Snack Ideas

By Paula Solis Krock This list comes to you from the incredible teachers at the Lake Washington Toddler Group  in Kirkland, Washington. They know toddlers and they know what toddlers like to eat!  These ideas would work for kids of all ages (think after-school snacks!) If things are getting a little too boring around your […]

3 No Fail Sunny Day Activities for Young Children

by Paula Solis Krock Now that the sunshine is here, and your babes are lathered in water-resistant sunscreen, here are three activities to keep those kids entertained in the hot weather! Paintbrushes and a Bucket of Water While this may seem like a joke, I assure you, this has the ability to keep your children […]

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