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Easy Fall Leaf Tiles

  By Paula Solis Krock What will you do with all the beautiful fall leaves coming our way? I wanted to figure out a way to save each and every one of them! Just like my preschoolers who collect rocks and put them in their pockets, I have a thing for fall leaves; they’re stunning–I […]

A Measure of Work

I’ve worked hard in my life. I’ve been what you could call poor. I never went hungry or without shoes, but I’ve been poor enough as a child to consider a Barbie doll an uncommonly generous gift, and new shoes a real splurge. I’m not poor anymore, but those lean years have added something to […]

Tender Mercies: The Joys of Being Sick

Many years ago the impossible happened: I was struck down with influenza. Nick, our then thirteen year old, dragged himself home from school. He had it too. I can’t be ill! I’m the one who keeps the family rolling. Greg is in Alaska, I have a sick child! In the morning I attempted to dress. […]

10 Ways to Teach a Child to Clean Up

Most parents understand the importance of encouraging creativity in their children. It opens their eyes to opportunity and problem solving. Creativity increases a sense of wellbeing and allows one to envision a rich future. But the challenge of hands-on creativity is in the aftermath. There are messes and clutter. We are tired, and it’s not […]

Top Posts 2016: The Bliss of Hygge Time

margofionapotography.com The Bliss of Hygge Time by Nancy Blakey I have been spending the last 5 days babysitting my four grandchildren while Mama and Daddy were on a much needed getaway. I set aside deadlines and errands. I moved at child-speed and waited with the last child up the stairs or to the car as […]

Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

This dough dries to a hard clay-like finish, and holds the delicious fragrance of cinnamon.  You can also tie the ornaments onto wrapped gifts with ribbon.  Save this recipe!  Sculpting with it makes a great rainy day activity for kids of all ages. What you will need: 1-cup ground cinnamon 2 cups flour 2 cups […]

Sit Down You Are One of the Family

I was at one of my three sons’ weddings when I got one of the best compliments ever. A childhood friend of my son’s introduced me to his wife. “This is Nancy, and she had the best food. We always tried to come over on grocery day to help unload the car because we got […]

This One is For the Mamas: Mason Jar Sangria

I know, I know, this is not a kid post, but the Mamas (and Papas) are going to like it. The best part is, you can make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge until your kids go to bed! Mason Jar Sangria In a quart size Mason jar add: 2 cups […]

Zucchini in the Kitchen!

By Paula Solis Krock If you have lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than a year, you are well aware that we are the land of the giant zucchinis. Not only do we grow HUGE zucchinis, but if you happened to have accidently planted more than one in your garden, you will find you […]

Remodel! 10 Tips for Living in a House Under Construction

by Rebecca Lemar We bought a 1930s fixer-upper house. Nearly every room has been redone in some way or another pushing our lives in boxes and upheaval each time. Some projects remain small and simple while others turn the bedrooms into what looks like a storage locker with beds. It is a human tendency to […]

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