Self Care

Exercises You Can Do with Baby

by Bridgette Blakey Those last few months of pregnancy had me itching to start exercising again. I went from running a half marathon to not being able to touch my toes (or see them for that matter). I was so excited to give birth, heal, and jump back in the saddle again. Way easier said […]

Learn to Let Go

What is good parenting? What is the good life? Picking your battles for one–with your child, your partner, at work, in your inner life. The reality is we worry about the wrong things—stranger danger, tornadoes, terrorists—when the real threats to our lives are under the kitchen sink for toddlers, in the car driving to work, […]

The Best Worst Mother’s Day

Once many years ago, I was hit with an immediate and sudden need to be recognized, appreciated even, on a very specific day, for a very specific amount of time: Mother’s Day. Our children were 9, 11, 13, and 15 years old. That little factoid right there should tell you something. Add an absent husband, […]

Passing Down Body Image to Your Children

By Paula Solis Krock It’s a New Year and what do we do? We make resolutions! We make profound life decisions, usually in the area of losing weight! We decide to eat healthier, go on a diet, work out more. These are fabulous decisions which I support 100%! I myself am zealously pursuing through the […]

The Bliss of Hygge Time

I have been spending the last 5 days babysitting my four grandchildren while Mama and Daddy were on a much needed getaway. I set aside deadlines and errands. I moved at child-speed and waited with the last child up the stairs or to the car as I held their hand and made time to look […]

New Baby Etiquette

By Bridgette Blakey It’s that beautiful moment when you get to meet a friend or family member’s newest addition. For months you have wondered whose nose they would have, or the color of their hair, or if you can see a glimpse of personality that resembles one parent or the other. Between the snuggling and […]

Waiting for Baby

My daughter Jenna is 10 days overdue. Baby did what we asked for: wait until all three uncles got married this past month to enter this slipstream world. But now we are ready, we have been ready for the past week if you don’t count dealing with a flooded house on one end (mine), a […]

Back to Work: 7 Things to Remember

By Rebecca Lemar I didn’t want to return to work. I wanted to keep on tending to my newborn and doing mundane tasks at home in yoga pants. I envisioned myself staying at home until my child turned five, like my mother did with me, but there was no choice. Instead, I found myself handing […]

Daily Lives: How to Gain More Time for Yourself

By Jenna Hall As an often-solo mother to four young kids, I do not have an awful lot of free time. In fact, I usually don’t have any free time. The two hours I have in the evening after my children go to bed is usually filled with household management and chores, neither of which […]

A Bad Day Gone Good

It was raining. Again. With no end in sight. A project I was working on had gone sideways and I tried picking up the pieces, but it was smashed to smithereens for now. There were people who expected things of me I could not face, and dozens of emails to answer as soon as possible, […]

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